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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of engaging our services?

• Seniors can stay at home versus the cost of Assisted Living or a Nursing Home-currently these facility’s typical annual cost is between $50,000, for an assisted living facility, to $100,000 for a nursing home. In-home care is typically much more cost effective.

• Continuity of care management-Care and communications are coordinated between the senior, family, physicians, and other professionals and providers, preventing inappropriate or duplication of services and care.

• Quality of care-Grand Guardian strictly adheres to the National Guardianship Association’s Standards of Practice and Procedures in addition to their vigorous Ethical Standards.

How long have you been in business?

Our founder has been a fiduciary agent since 2012.

Are your services covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or Private Insurance?

No, our services are typically paid by the senior, their Power of Attorney, or family members.  However, some long-term care insurance policies do provide for in-home management care services.

Who needs a Power of Attorney or fiduciary agent?

Everyone should have advance directives that identify a durable medical and financial power of attorney or agent.  These appointments need to be made while mentally capable.

How can I find out more about your services?

Please call or email us.  We offer a free in-home consultation with seniors and/or their loved ones, to further explore service options and interest levels. We also offer a phone or web-based video conference for family or loved ones that reside remote to the Western Slope.

What areas of the Western Slope of Colorado do you serve?

We are based in Grand Junction.  We also serve the Glenwood Springs area, south to the Montrose region.  However, there is a reasonable service charge for client visits outside the Mesa County area.

Can I change or cancel my contract with Grand Guardian?

 Yes, our contracts can be easily adapted to add or reduce the services we provide.  You may terminate services with written notification.  However, guardian and conservatorships are court appointments and will require additional court proceedings to alter.

Why should I hire Grand Guardian versus an attorney, banker, or accountant?

 We offer personalized services for each client that integrate most disciplines you may require in a cost- effective manner.  We will assist the client in managing other professional services as needed.  Along with this client-centric service plan, we offer 7 day a week response for issues that may arise outside normal business hours.

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