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Our Services

Our Services


Court supervised appointment, managing health and personal affairs, for clients who lack decisional capacity or the ability to effectively take care of themselves.  As guardian we serve as an advocate, ensuring a client has a safe and secure living environment while integrating the client’s desires and wishes to the greatest extent possible.  We provide oversight concerning living arrangements, medical and health care, social activities/services, and management of caregivers to ensure the best possible environment for the client.  The goal is to protect a potentially vulnerable senior from potential abuse or neglect, while allowing for their maximum independence and dignity.  A client, family, or other professionals can request we be appointed guardian.


Court supervised appointment, managing finances and the estate of a client who lacks decisional capacity.  As a conservator, we act as a fiduciary to protect and preserve the estate and assets for the benefit of the client.  This includes managing day-to-day finances, insurance needs, budgeting, and ensuring all available benefits are applied for and collected.  The protection of a client’s estate and property from waste, mismanagement, and exploitation is a primary reason for the appointment of a conservator.  A client, family, or other professionals can request we be appointed conservator.

Medical or Financial Power of Attorney

All persons should have a durable medical and financial power of attorney identified in their advanced directives.  The client must make these appointments before losing decisional capacity.  The medical and financial POA performs much of the same duties as a court appointed guardian or conservator, without the expense and time associated with those proceedings.

We can serve in either capacity, or both.  The designated power of attorney follows the directives that the client has identified in their advance directives and living will for the benefit of the client.  As an advocate and fiduciary, we adhere to the strict ethical standards that are mandated by law, for the benefit of the client.

We can also serve as a limited power of attorney where duties and responsibilities are narrowly defined.  These appointments can be made by the senior or their other power of attorney.

Financial Fiduciary Contract

The fiduciary contract is designed to assist and manage financial aspects of a client’s life.  This highly adaptable contract, can be with the client, family members, or the client’s power of attorney.  This contract can be designed for any level of financial service based on needs and desires.  Services often requested are:

  • Bill Pay (management of day to day finances)
  • Assistance with insurance benefits and needs, including Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran’s Benefits, long-term care insurance, etc
  • Long-term budgeting and planning
  • Estate and property management

Case Management

As a case manager we provide a collaborative process that assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the options and services required to meet the client’s health and human service needs. It is characterized by advocacy, communication, and resource management and promotes quality and cost-effective interventions and outcomes.  This allows for all care to be coordinated by us to prevent duplicative and wasteful medical and social services.  This service can be contracted with the client, family, or the client’s power of attorney.

Representative Payee

Clients appoint us as the Payee for the client’s federal government funds to manage their day to day finances.

Personal Representative

We can perform as a personal representative, or executor of the will, for a client.  Upon the client’s passing, we file the will or estate with the probate court, and once recognized by the court, liquidate the estate, and distribute the assets as provided for in  their will and estate plan.