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  1. Lou Ann- LouAnn was a 90 year old lady, who had just lost her husband of 65 years.
    LouAnn relied on her husband to handle their finances, insurance, healthcare decisions,
    and their living arrangements. She had no living siblings, children, or close relatives.
    Upon his passing, LouAnn wanted to leave the assisted living facility and go home and
    live out her remaining years. Fortunately, her husband had appointed a Power of
    Attorney for them, and he managed her move home. LouAnn was starting to exhibit
    dementia symptoms, required a walker for mobility, no longer could drive, and was on
    multiple medications for high blood pressure and pain from arthritis.
    Her POA, who had lived some distance away and had a demanding job, knew that for
    her to live comfortably and safely, he needed someone whom could manage her life on
    a consistent basis.

    To facilitate her life at home, he hired Grand Guardian with a fiduciary/advocacy
    contract. We performed a thorough initial evaluation and assessment of her personal
    wishes, medical history, social desires, estate and finances, end of life decisions and her
    ability to manage activities of daily living (bathing, cooking, mobility, etc.)
     Actions we took: Set up a budget, paying her monthly bills. Analyzed her asset
    portfolio to insure she would not outlive those assets.
     Reinstituted routine medical/dental visits. Arranged for Medicare reimbursed in-
    home physical therapy.

    -Put in ramps and grab bars for mobility. Installed a patio so she could go outside
    and enjoy her new flower beds that we installed.
    -Started a social program including, church, musical events, and lunches with old
    -A caregiver was hired to cook, clean, provide companion care and assist LouAnn
    with transportation to social events and medical appointments. We facilitated
    travel to several life bucket destinations, including Alaska and Cape Cod.

    Through the PT program, in addition to an exercise bike we set her up with, her balance
    and mobility improved, her blood pressure dropped, and her arthritis improved. Thus,
    we were able to stop the pain and high blood pressure meds. The exercise, combined
    with a social calendar, let to an improved attitude, health, and sleep.
    At 96, LouAnn passed away in her bed at home. Her desire to live out her life at home
    had been fulfilled. Finally, we assisted with funeral arrangements and the process of
    will execution.
  2. John-John is a war time veteran in his 80s with a sharp mind. He lives in his home and is
    currently capable of taking care of his daily activities and finances. He never married
    and has no children. His only sibling has passed away. He hopes to will his house and
    estate to a younger niece who lives on the east coast. Years ago, he developed throat
    cancer and has trouble communicating. Recently the cancer has returned and the
    prognosis is not good. He inquired about our services which led to an assessment of his
    advance directives and finances.
    Although John has a will, identifying his wishes for his estate, his personal
    representative has passed away and there is no one to execute his will. He also does
    not have a living will to identify what procedures he does or does not want performed
    once the cancer takes away his ability to communicate. Finally, he does not have a
    Power of Attorney to act for him on financial or medical affairs if he loses the ability to
    communicate. Without a POA or Personal Representative identified, the courts would
    have to intervene and identify someone to act in these roles without fully understanding
    John’s wishes.

    Actions we are taking:
    -With the assistance of an attorney, Grand Guardian will act as John’s POA for
    medical and financial affairs.
    -He also has requested we act as his personal representative, so upon his passing
    we can execute his will per his wishes.
    -We are also able to assist with his medical treatments, and help him
    communicate with his medical providers.
    -Due to his limited assets, that may soon be diminished, we are providing
    assistance applying and qualifying for a VA pension for aid and assistance.
    In the near future we will assume responsibility for his finances and coordinate
    caregiving and hospice as needed.